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The Process
Family Financial Planning 
  • Analyze your family current income and assessed investments to identify the Effective Family Contribution.
  • Make recommendations to reduce your out of pocket costs and maximize need based financial aid.
  • Provide a college search for which schools meet the most remaining need and have the highest proportions of grants and scholarships.
  • Compare the school's financial aid offer to other families' need based aid in similar financial position.
  • Be and advocate for your family in recommending and writing letters to the institution with specific requests in type of need and amount appropriate for your situation.
COA - EFC = Remaining Need

    COA stands for Cost of Attendance

    EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution

    Remaining Need is the Maximum Amount of Aid your Family is Eligible to Receive.

            OUR Goal:  To show you how to obtain the Maximum Aid Package Allowable.
Preparing the Student for College

  • ​Through our affiliation with 123college, your student will receive lifetime access to Kuder Navigator.  An online education and career planning system that helps students identify potential careers and academics most appropriate for them.  Kuder is only available through 123college and institutions.
  • Your student will also be provided with the Kaplan Premier Edition SAT or ACT Book with practice CD-Rom and Online Access.  College Board Scores are the main evaluation criteria used by schools in evalutating students for acceptance.
  •  The Better Prepared is the Student...the Better the School.....the Better the School.....the higher the probability of that school meeting a higher percentage of Family Need.
    The USA Today recently printed that 35% of entering freshman drop
     out in the first year. It is now taking the average student 6 years to 
    obtain their bachelors degree. One of the best ways to save potentially 
    tens of thousands of dollars is to make sure your student chooses a 
    major they enjoy, and excels in academically before going to college.
Continuing Service for All undergraduate Years
  • Completion of the FAFSA (Free Application Federal Student Aid form) for all years your student is in undergraduate school.
  • An 800# to contact us with any questions you might have.
  • College search of  all the schools that meet you students criteria for selection, while identifying the ones which maximize the amount of financial need they meet.
  • Lifetime access to Kuder Navigator.
  • Consultation with a Senior College Counselor to guide you through the techniques of minimizing your Effective Family Contribution and your out of pocket costs.