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The Process
Family Financial Planning 
  • Analyze your family current income and assessed investments to identify the Effective Family Contribution.

  • Make recommendations to reduce your out of pocket costs and maximize need based financial aid.

  • Provide a college search for which schools meet the most remaining need and have the highest proportions of grants and scholarships.
COA - EFC = Remaining Need

    COA stands for Cost of Attendance

    EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution

    Remaining Need is the Maximum Amount of Aid your Family is Eligible to Receive.

            OUR Goal:  To show you how to obtain the Maximum Aid Package Allowable.
    The USA Today recently printed that 35% of entering freshman drop
     out in the first year. It is now taking the average student 6 years to 
    obtain their bachelors degree. One of the best ways to save potentially 
    tens of thousands of dollars is to make sure your student chooses a 
    major they enjoy, and excels in academically before going to college.