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 Learn How to Send Your Children to College Without “Breaking the BANK”

If your child is planning on going to college, you must attend one of our informational workshops.
           Ernest Chisena III, CFP, President of will teach you:

• How to select colleges that will provide you with the best financial aid package.
• How to lower your out-of-pocket costs and maximize your student's financial aid eligibility.
• Why it would benefit you to have a professional to fill out your FAFSA/CSS forms.
• How to pay for college without using expensive private loans, emptying your retirement accounts, or depending on 529 plans.
• How to send your child to an expensive private school for less than what you would pay for a public university.
• Your family contribution (EFC)—how it is calculated by the Department of Education.
• How to choose a major before college and why it is so important.

Learn how to access Kaplan SAT/ACT prep and Kuder Navigator Career Assessment Planner with your consultation.