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About College Financial Planning:
We specialize in college planning because from personal experience we understand the huge financial commitment you are about to make and the financial stress it can create for a family.

When your student enters college, you are making a one sided commitment worth any where from $100,000 to $250,000.  You wouldn't enter a business investment without an attorney or an accountant representing you.  Why would you enter an agreement with an institution  without an advocate on your side?
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As a Certified Financial Planner (R),  with over 30 years of experience, I have found that college funding is quickly becoming the largest financial commitment  people make in their lifetime, in many instances, larger than the purchase of their home.  Especially, if you have more than one child. Combining my experience in working with families and advising them regarding tax issues, gifting limitations, cash flow analysis, retirement  and estate planning, with a nationally recognized leader in college planning, I am able to bring a unique venue to college cost planning.  

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Not just giving advise as to how to save money for college from birth, in a tax free 529 plan, and still not having enough money.  But actual strategies that when implemented can legally save you thousands of dollars of out of pocket expenses.  And better still, have your student graduate with a minimum of those burdensome school loans.
123college has been a leader in short to intermediate term college planning.  Over the past ten years they have helped thousands of families avoid the traps in applying and receiving aid for college.

123 Inc. is in compliance with the US Department of Education (DOE) and is authorized to collect government required information and fill our financial aid forms, representing you, the client.
Delta Paradigm is an investment philosophy which strives to provide certainty in uncertain times.
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